How to withdraw money from Social Good

Today I am going to tell about an app from which you can easily earn $200 to $300 every day without any investment by working part time from home. The name of the mobile application that I am going to tell about is Social Good. Read this article to the end to download this app and earn $200 to $300 a day by working part time.

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Friends, in today's time this app is going viral so fast that everyone is surprised. You must also be thinking that what is so special about it that people are so crazy behind it. 

Why is the social good mobile application market expanding so fast?

The biggest reason this app is going viral so fast is that after you download the Social Good mobile application to your phone, you get a $100 bonus for signing up with someone else's referral code.

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What Is Social Good App?

Social Good is a member of Japan's Fintech Group. It is publicly supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government of Japan. This app was first launched in March 2005. So far it has more than 3 lakh US users, just a few months back the social good app has been launched in India and here also its users have increased a lot. Social good is also a type of cryptocurrency, popularly known as SG.

This company gives crypto back to users who buy something from the partner platform of Social Good App and who follow crypto back terms and conditions. Also, if you download by clicking here, then you will get a profit of 100 dollars immediately.

How to withdraw money from Social Good
withdraw money from Social Good

One of its key features is that if the price drops since the SG is given to users, SocialGood guarantees you its value and buys it back. This means that users of SG can enjoy the increase in the price of the cryptocurrency without any losses.

Who is the owner and founder of Social Good?

Social Good is started by Foundation Intelligence. Its CEO and owner is Soichiro Takaoka.

How to get Social Good Token?

Socail Good gives tokens to users around the world through an app. The name of that app is social good app itself. This app gives you free SG tokens in the form of crypto back when you make purchases from over 1800 online retailers associated with it.  

The process of making purchases through this app is called shopping mining. Apart from this, social good is also available on many crypto exchanges, such as:- Uniswap, Bitmart, Bittrex. From where you can easily get it.

Where is Social Good company?

Friends, social good is a company of America, which was created by a Japanese company. This app is very popular in countries like America and now it is gradually increasing its network in India too.

How to withdraw money from Social Good App?

If you want to get 100 dollars from this app, then you have to follow the rule given below.

1. For this, you will first have to do $ 30 shopping from this app. After shopping for $30, your account will be activated.  

2. After this, when you come to this app at home, you will see the option of withdarw, shopping and assets at the top. In this you have to click on withdraw.

3. Then you have to click on the button with "withdraw with market value" or "withdraw with guaranteed value" shown above.

4. Then click on Withdraw My SG. After which you have to enter your login password.

After doing this you have to create your account on Uniswap, Bitmart, Bittrex etc. After which you have to convert to USDT on these crypto exchanges. Then as soon as you exchange in USDT, after that create an account on any Indian crypto exchange (WazirX, CoinSwitch Kuber, CoinDCX). 

Friends, you must have got an idea by reading this article how much more US dollars can be earned by working part time. Click on this link to download the Social Good mobile application and get $100 in your wallet.

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