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Hello friends how are you all As you all know JobRasta-work from home job For the past several months, I am looking for work from home jobs, part time jobs, office jobs, full time jobs for all of you. 

Today I am going to tell about such a part time job which no one would have told till today and any person can easily earn 20 dollars per day. Not even a rupee from your pocket will be invested or spent anywhere, you can do this part time job absolutely free.

Part Time Work From Home Job Description

Since last 10 years lakhs of people are earning very well by working part time in hundred percent free and hundred percent practical way. Millions of people sit at their homes and do this part time work from their new or old phones without any money investment, the name of this method is digistore24. Even if you have studied only till the fifth standard, you can earn very well in this very easy way.

With the two unique methods I mentioned, you will not only earn with the same old time-tested earning method but also you will not have to face the rival. If the earning method is 10 years old and millions of people are already earning like this, then obviously the competition will be very high.

But guys, don't worry at all because today I am going to tell you two such unique methods and I am going to teach you in a practical way, using which you can beat all the rivals and get ahead of other people.

First unique way to earn

The first unique way is that I will teach you to make a copy website of digistore24, which you will own and you will earn from it. This website will be free forever, this website will never have to buy domain name or hosting and this website will be created in just 10 minutes.

Second unique way to earn

Second unique way is that I have found a 100% free website for you and by using this website, you will leave behind all the people earning from digistore24 and you will be able to create new record of earning.

what is digistore24?

Digistore24 is a sales platform website like Amazon and Flipkart. In Amazon and Flipkart, you get online products as well as offline products, similarly, apart from online products, Affiliate Network is also available on Digistore24.

Digistore24 is a company from which country?

Digistore24 is a German company with its head office in Hildesheim and its founder is Sven Platte.

How to create account in Digistore24?

To earn money from Digistore24, first you have to create your account. The account on Digistore24 gets approved at the same time after filling all the details. By following the following steps you can create your account on digistore24 absolutely free.

1. Search in your search engine and after that you will have digistore24 website open.

2. Now you have to click on Register Now, on top of that "vendor and affiliate, affiliate, vendor" this three option will appear. Choose Affiliate from these three options because we have come from this website to earn money by working part time. Username, email id and time zone of your country have to be selected.

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3. Follow all the conditions of Digistore24 by entering your name and permanent address and click on "Register for free now".

4. After filling all the information completely, a verification email will be received on the email that you would have entered while registering on Digistore24, click on it.

How to earn money from Digistore24?

To earn money from Digistore24, first you have to login by entering your email id and password. After logging in to the account, click on view vendor option and select affiliate. 
After selecting the affiliate option, as soon as you click on "marketplace", all the products of digistore24 will be visible on your screen. Copy the affiliate link of that product and put it on your free website.

Information about how to create your own website for free on Google is also given below.

How to make your own website on google?

To create your own website on Google, search in your search engine. After opening the site, click on the "plus" sign and enter a good name for your website. After entering the title of the website, make a photo and logo and put it.

You can also create your own site logo and images, if you don't know how to make them, download them from Google and put them on your site.

Creating a site on Google does not require a domain name and does not require any hosting. While creating a website, Google will give you a custom domain name, that domain name will be free for you forever.

Note: If you are creating your site from mobile phone then open this website in desktop mode. 

How to promote Digistore24 products on your website?

To promote Digistore24's product on your website, go back to Digistore24's website, after that choose the best product and copy the product description and photo.

After copying the photo, description and affiliate link of the product, go to your website and click on "layouts" and enter the photo and description of the product. 

To place a "Buy now" button on your site, click the "Button" and paste the product's affiliate link.

There is no direct selling of any product on Digistore24, this site has been prepared for affiliate marketing only. You can earn 50 to 85 percent commission by putting all the products of this site on your website.

Note: It is Digistore24's responsibility to deliver the product to the customer and receive returns. If you want, you can earn commission by sharing the affiliate link of Digistore24 on any of your social media.

Public Comment:

Fatima Khan ji lives in Madhya Pradesh, she wrote commenting to me, Sir I am a college student, my father does a private job in a small company, his salary is only ₹ 20000 per month. I have a younger sister and two younger brothers, all of them study in school.

Sir, the inflation has increased a lot, we live in a rented house, its rent is ₹ 5000 per month and we have not even been able to pay the rent of our house for the last 3 months. 

It is becoming very difficult for us to survive at home, so sir please tell me a way to earn 100% genuine part time so that I can start earning my daily wages. If we get ₹ 1000 to 1500 rupees per day, then we can live very well but this earning should start immediately.

Sir i want to tell you one more thing i don't have even a penny to invest and i don't even have laptop i only have a mobile phone 2 years old.

Fatima Khan ji I can very well understand and feel your dilemma and your problems. Just as you wanted, I have found hundred percent genuine and hundred percent free part time job for all of you.

If you also need any kind of information related to work from home job, part time job, office job and full time job then comment below and share this article as much as possible.

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