Earn ₹33000 per month by doing CRM work from home in your spare time

Hello friends, how are you all, as you all know, for the past several months, I have been writing articles related to work from home jobs, office jobs, part time jobs, full time jobs for all of you. Information about any such job is not posted on the APANJOB website where money is spent out of your pocket.

CRM work 

Brief description of work from home job

If you know Hindi, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu etc. language of any state of India and know how to talk on mobile phone then you can get fixed salary of ₹ 33000 sitting at home. There is a golden opportunity to work in the country's largest telecom company Reliance Jio Company.

How many vacancies have come out for which post in Jio Telecom Company?

7800 vacancies have been removed for the post of CRM, for this work candidates from any state of the country can apply for CRM work from home job. The qualification sought by the company for this post is eighth pass, the job of a freelancer is so easy that even the 10th pass candidate can do this work easily.

  • Post name: CRM (Customer relationship management)
  • Total Vacancies: 7,800 post
  • Eligibility Criteria for Freelancing Jobs: 10th pass

which person can do this work:-

Student: Students can easily do this work in their spare time without disturbing their studies.

Housewife: Housewives can easily earn ₹ 33000 a month by doing part time work in this company without any hindrance.

Employed: If there is a person who works for a company and has 2 or 4 hours left in the morning or evening, then that person can also apply for this part time job.

Unemployed person: If a person is unemployed and he is looking for some work then this is a golden opportunity for him to get a job. The person who does not have any job can get ₹ 33000 fixed salary per month by doing this work part time or full time. 

Note: The candidate himself decides what time we have to work and accordingly the candidate gets a fixed salary of ₹ 33000

Work in Hrithik Roshan's company and earn ₹50,000 - 250000 per month.

Which work will have to be done for Jio Telecom Company?

Vacancy has come out in Jio company for the post of CRM (Customer relationship management) which is freelancing work from home job.

This telecom company is the largest telecom company in the country, it has crores of customers, company gives a toll free customer care number to all its customers so that in case of any problem, the customer can call that toll free number and get the solution of their problems like network problem, internet problem, recharge related etc.

If a customer calls, that call is transferred to the customer relationship management phone so that they can resolve customer issues. Customer Relationship Management training is provided 100% free of cost by the company's Trend team.

How to Apply for Customer Relationship Management Job?

To apply for the job of Customer Relationship Management, visit Jio's job portal website, Jio careers and create your profile.

Information related to creating profile on jio career website:-

1. First step

  • (a.) Select function*
  • answer: Freelancer
  • (b.) Location*
  • answer: Select State
  • (c.) Freshness*
  • answer: Leave it selected on Freshness and click on Search

Note: As soon as you click on search, all the districts of your state, how many vacancies are there in that district, all will appear on the screen. 

2. Second step

  • (a.) Valid email address*
  • (b.) Valid mobile number*
  • (c.) Full name*
  • (d.) Date of birth*
  • (e.) Country*

Note: After verifying mobile number and email id, click on Next.

Process to apply for customer relationship management job:-

3. 3rd step

Basic information:

  • (a.) About yourself*
  • answer: Write about yourself in a minimum of 100 characters and a maximum of 1000 characters (Exp: I am a very motivated person, with lots of energy. I am very hard working and I am ready to learn new things. please hire me for the post of Freelancer.)
  • (b.) Date of birth*
  • (c.) Gender*
  • (d.) Country*
  • (e.) State*
  • (f.) City*
  • (g.) Upload your resume*

4. Fourth step

Present address:

  • (a.) Address*
  • (b.) Landmark/area*
  • (c.) Country*
  • (d.) State*
  • (e.) District*
  • (f.) Postal/pincode*

Note: If both the present address and the permanent address are same, then tick the copy from present address.

After completing all the steps, your profile will be ready, after that OTP will be sent on your mobile phone from jio careers, it takes about 20 to 25 minutes for OTP to come.

After receiving the OTP, download the Jio Career mobile application on your mobile phone and login by entering your email ID and password.

After downloading the mobile application click on assessment and then click on scheduled tests. In the scheduled tests, you have to read the question appearing on the screen and answer in YES and NO.

After completing the prescribed test click on Video Interview and give your video interview. Video interview is of three or four minutes in three to four parts.

After completing the video interview, the company will notify you via SMS or email in three or four days when your customer relationship management training will begin. After completion of online training, customer's call will be transferred to your mobile phone.

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