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You must have heard the name of Airtel, it is the second largest telecom company in India. Friends, you can find work from home job or office job in a reputed company like airtel.

Do you not believe in yourself that we can get a job in a company like airtel, even if this is the case then do not worry at all. Before reading the last line of this article, I will tell such a trick for all of you, which will not only increase your confidence but you will also start to feel that my luck can also change.

Through this trick, you can apply for jobs not only in Airtel but in more than 700 companies of the country and earn ₹40000 to ₹50000 per month. Even if you have passed 10th class and you do not have experience of working in any company, then with the help of this trick you can take 3 months free training.

If you train with the help of this trick, then you will get ₹25000 per month during training and you can apply for online jobs in more than 700 big companies of the country, the name of that trick is Relevel unacademy.

What is Relevel Unacademy?

Relevel is a job portal website. Which has been started in 2021, it gives job to the candidate not by looking at any degree but by looking at the skill. Relevel is part of a very large group named Unacademy, its annual turnover is more than 400 crores.

How to get job on relevel by unacademy?

To get a job at Relevel, its rule has to be followed. Before applying for the job, you have to create a relevel profile, after completing the profile, a small online test is taken by the trend team of the relevel company.

In the test, you will be asked only about yourself, apart from this no questions related to education are asked. Only after completing the test you can apply for jobs in companies registered with Relevel company.

How to create Relevel Profile?

While creating relative profile, give valid email id and valid mobile number. Your mobile number and email id will be verified by the Relevel company so that you will be notified through e-mail or phone call when you get the job.

1. First step: Search in your search engine and click "Get Hired."

Select Test

  • Business Development Test
  • Business Analytics Test
  • Frontend Development Test
  • Backend Development Test
  • Data Analytics Test
  • Full Stack Development

Click on the job for which you want to take the exam and click on the button "Book your free slot".

2. Second step:

Fill in your details for admit card

  • Full Name*
  • email ID*
  • Current State*
  • Enter referral code (optional)

After filling the details, follow all the conditions and click on "Save".

3. Third step:

Select your Test Date

Select the date according to you, choose the date on which you are ready to take the online test.

Note: Before taking the online test there are test related reading material and videos available on the Relevel website, read this and take the online test so that you all can get some experience related to the test.

How many companies are associated with Relevel by Unacademy?

There are more than 700 companies registered with Relevel, it is all IT company doing business in India and other countries. All these companies are the largest companies in the country, whose list is given below. After passing the relevel test, you can apply for the job in the registered company as per your wish.

  • Company Name: AIrtel X Labs
  • Team Size: 501 to 1000 employees
  • Salary per month: ₹191666-208333
  • Company Name: CRED
  • Team Size: 201 to 500 employees
  • Funding: $34M
  • Salary per month: ₹116666-316666

  • Company Name: Koo App
  • Team Size: 101 to 500 employees
  • Funding: $471.2 Million
  • Salary per month: ₹83333-208333

  • Company Name: Bisleri
  • Team Size: 10000 employees
  • Funding: ₹3000+ Crores
  • Salary per month: ₹37500-50000
  • Company Name: Paytm
  • Team Size: 10000 employees
  • Funding: $32.4M
  • Salary per month: ₹33333
  • Company Name: upGrad
  • Team Size: 1,001 to 5,000 employees
  • Funding: INR 1320 Cr
  • Salary per month: ₹33333-41666
  • Company Name: RedBus
  • Team Size: 501 to 1000 employees
  • Funding: $10.1M
  • Salary per month: ₹29166-50000
  • Company Name: OkCredit
  • Team Size: 101 to 500 employees
  • Funding: $84.2M
  • Salary per month: ₹133333-225000
  • Company Name: Zoomcar
  • Team Size: 201-500 employees
  • Funding: $274.1 M
  • Salary per month: ₹100000-125000
  • Company Name: 1mg
  • Team Size: 871 employees
  • Funding: INR 1535 Cr
  • Salary per month: ₹83333-250000

How are exams conducted in Relevel?

Relevel test After the interview, a Relevel score is given to the candidate, the higher the score, the better the chances of getting a job in a good company.

The candidate has to make a video resume and send it to the Relevel company, after that the candidate is selected on the basis of skill.


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